About Us

Marcell Industrial Inc has been established for over 20 years.

Here we strive to provide excellent services to our valued customers in the North American Market with our various qualified HVAC air conditioning products.

For our customers we provide same day shipments and certainly some of the best prices in this market. Marcell is currently partners with one of the major manufacturing groups in China and supplier to large North American distributors and wholesalers.

What are the benefits for our distributors and wholesalers?

Sourcing from China can greatly benefit local wholesalers and distributors  in this highly competitive  market. Marcell  has three branch offices in  China which  provide  fast  and quality research, marketing, and sales information to  meet  customer’s specific  requirements. This makes it easy for purchasing  managers to find new suppliers.

The estimate for the cost of products that come from China can be obtained by simply providing your specifications or samples to us.

With a newly expanded warehouse in Toronto, The Marcell Team is better able to serve our customer’s just in time needs. You are more than welcome to visit our warehouse, please arrange a tour by contacting us.