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Copper Tube


  • ASTM B-280 standard, Warnock Hersey certified, RoHS compliant
  • Soft type refrigeration copper
  • Used for the supply of hot and cold tap water
  • Used as a refrigerant line in HVAC systems
  • Temperatures up to 60°C
  • 50 ft coil

Refrigeration Copper Tube

Product Code Size Rolls/Box
CTR5014 1/4″X50′ 10
CTR5038 3/8″X50′ 10
CTR5012 1/2″X50′ 5
CTR5058 5/8″X50′ 5
CTR5034 3/4″X50′ 3
CTR5078 7/8″X50′ 3

Gas Copper Tube

Product Code Size Roll/Box
CTG5038 3/8″X50′ 10
CTG5012 1/2″X50′ 5
CTG5058 5/8″X50′ 5

copper pic

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